Full-Time Nurse finds Part-Time passion selling Vintage Collections

Full-Time Nurse finds Part-Time passion selling Vintage Collections

You never know when you’ll get bit with the antique or vintage bug addiction. Brian Madden, a nurse of 31 years who works full-time at Mosaic Life Care, has been bitten! Madden said about a year ago he got addicted to the hunt of a good deal and the thrill of resale from items he found at garage sales, estate sales and internet swap shops. Just like most people, you soon run out of space in your home when you start collecting treasures, especially with furniture, so he decided to turn his “addiction” into a side business.

Madden started out with a small booth in the Jesse James Antique Mall, one of Northwest Missouri’s largest antique malls with over 130 dealers. Madden soon realized it was not a big enough area and most of his items were not antiques, but instead were items considered to be more vintage, so he moved next door to the Rusty Chandelier Mall. The Rusty Chandelier is the “sister-store” to Jesse James Antique Mall with the same owners. The Rusty Chandelier offers over 100 specialty boutiques, specializing in an eclectic mix of old, vintage and new home décor. Madden’s original booth was bigger, but he soon out grew that space and moved to a newly opened much larger space upstairs that had once been a café.

Madden has a friend who works with him to paint the treasures he finds. They make a great team… she enjoys painting, and is great at it, and Brian finds, hauls and sells the items. He has had great success in both of the malls and we encourage customers to come see his very unique booth at the Rusty Chandelier.

The malls offer nearly an acre of amazing antiques and vintage décor inside and out. The Rusty Chandelier and Jesse James Antique Mall are located at the corner of Business Hwy. 71 and I-29 Hwy. at Exit 53. Both stores are open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information, please contact Mary McPhee, General Manager, 816-676-0662 mary.mcphee@rustychandelier.com






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